Señor del Monte: Protects the sprits of newborn children. Over his head are branches with birds circling over the leaves. Must always be included in cleansings.

Pajarito de Monos: The Spirit of those who are sick.It has two birds atop the head of two children (one in each hand).The birds take the sick to the mountain, where an ofrenda is made.

Señor De Las Noches: A bad spirit - asks the “Manzoma” and "El Presidente de los Infernos" to do bad deeds.El Señor de las Noches waits for people to sleep in order to perform said bad deed.

Presidente De Los Infernos: This devil takes control of everyone who goes to the mountains and in the country. He has horns, a beard, wings and a tail in a knot, four legs and shoes.


Muñecos de Nvite, 2022

“Muñecos de Nvite” is a multimedia institutional critique on systems of display – emphasizing how they shape the interpretation of historical truth and how changes in context create changes in meaning. In appropriating my mother’s undergrad thesis manuscript of her ethnographic film about the Papel Amate making process of the Otomi people from San Pablito Pahuatlan (Mexico), this project’s digital interventions of an academic text juxtaposes opposing frameworks for the transfer of knowledge by deconstructing, reinterpreting, and reverting languages of display used to contextualize history and illustrate “the Other”.

Dismantling methodologies and frameworks of cognitive imperialism, this work highlights the limitations of institutions and how they facilitate the appropriation and erasure of Indigenous knowledge. Utilizing scans of the text itself, images and maps of San Pablito (Nvite in Otomi), and centering the paper cut outs of spiritual deities made by head curandero don Alfonso García Tellez – this work removes the figures from their implemented colonial context. While they remain displaced from their intended purpose, they are no longer an artifact to be analyzed – the figures transition from a supernatural presence – to an artifact of study – and have now been digitized, reconfigured and reanimated, hoping to return some spiritual essence to them.

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